#1 Stephen Marks 2013-10-01 00:18
Sat here for the Celtics vs. Bucks game last December. I had fun even though the Celtics ended up losing in Overtime to one of the crappier teams in the NBA.
The club seats provide the most comfortable seating experience at the Garden. Chairs had a little more elbow space and more leg space than the seats in the single numbered sections down below. 113 was just above the Bucks player bench and you will have the jumbo tron right in front of your eyes to assist you in keeping up with whats going on throughout the arena. It's super bright!
If you hold a club ticket, you'll be able to access a number of dining options that a lot of the other fans in the building won't be able to, like the Legends Club Lounge. So if you like being and acting "exclusive" the club seats are the place to sit. We had a private entrance to our seats and there was practically no wait for restrooms. We didn't have to wait in any food lines because there was a waitstaff in our section to bring us our food. You have to choose from a menu, so the waiter doesn't run all over the arena looking for the Kosher hot dog you asked for.

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