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Founded: 2012


Founder: Brian Lefton



165 Madison Avenue #202
New York, NY 10016


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Website: TicketMonster.com


Bio: Ticket Monster is one of the newest and largest ticket resellers in the U.S. Not only do they not tack on extra charges upon checkout but shipping is always free as well. 




#2 marie 2017-01-02 19:56
they are the worst! their customer service really are literally “monsters” who apparently don’t know how to handle escalation of cases and blames customer as “rude”. Well if you purchased almost $400 worth of tickets and was told the latest they can ship tickets are within 48 hrs prior to event, who wouldn’t be appalled????? you see, i purchased tickets for a show this January 12th (2017) and i bought the tickets online last November 10, 2016 (they don’t even have the option of tickets being emailed to u) and until now they can’t even give me a straight answer of when it will be shipped. One cust rep said within 7-14 days, and another said the latest was within 48 hrs of the event?! What a joke! They don’t even have their manager call u back despite them saying they will have someone contact u the next day, u have to call them yourself for answers. And oh they hang up on u when u get frustrated and accuses u of being rude?! don’t they get training on how to handle cases like this?! instead of reassuring customer they lie to u and don’t give u a straight answer. Totally the worst, hope ill be getting my tickets on time. but ya will never buy from them again and i will never ever recommend it to others.
#1 Ryan 2015-03-30 00:21
Ticket Monster is a phenomenal company. I purchased two tickets to an Indiana Pacers game from them and not only were they at a bargain ($20 a piece, lower level) but they didn't charge for shipping or to print my tickets. They had a large selection of Pacers tickets too. I plan on buying tickets from them in the future for either Pacers or Colts games.

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