Seat view from section 119 at Oakland Coliseum, home of the Oakland Athletics


#1 Gus 2013-05-30 21:44
I used to know a guy that had season tickets in 119 so I've seen a number of games from these seats. He sat about 22 rows up in the second tier of seats in 119. The first tier of seats which consists of about 20 rows are the best and are slightly more expensive but 119 is great no matter where you sit. Every seat had a cup holder and I'll admit, it was a little weird at first sitting behind the protective netting but my eyes adjusted after a few innings. It's always neat when you sit behind home plate like this and have the catcher's perspective the entire game because he is the only player involved in every single play! is the only ballpark that still hosts two different professional franchises and you're always reminded of it when visiting. It's a huge slab of concrete with no identity for either team. Do the Raiders play here? Or do the A's play here? The A's need to get like the Marlins and get their own home if they want this team to stay in Oakland. Even if they relocated to San Jose, I probably wouldn't go to games.

Just a heads up - there isn't much in terms of bars, hotels and restaurants outside of the Arena site. Oracle Arena is next door so you could maybe plan a Warriors game if you're coming to a Raiders game on weekend. But I would recommend maybe staying in San Fran and just taking the BART to the Coliseum to watch the A's play. There just isn't much in Oakland and some parts are very sketchy.

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