Seat view from section 138 at Oakland Coliseum, home of the Oakland Athletics


#2 Warren 2013-05-30 03:44
Sure, The Coliseum is a dump but it's our dump. There's something very charming about a basic ballpark that doesn't boast all of the "extras" like club seats and silly home run features. Although since Mt. Davis was added, there is absolutely nothing scenic about this ballpark. Back in the day, you could see the rolling Oakland Hills in the background but suites were added to benefit Al Davis and the Raiders.

Your view of the infield from 138 is minimal and not a good one. But watching Coco Crisp and Cespedes shag balls from the outfield seats is a lot of fun. You WILL NOT be able to see the warning track unless you're seated in the first row which only has a few seats in it. So it's likely that you will be referring to the scoreboard a good bit.

The rows are numbered 32-46 so if you wind up with a ticket in row 32 that you bought from a scalper on the street, don't fret.
#1 John M 2013-05-29 04:33
To give you an idea what the view of the field is like from section 138, here is a Youtube video shot from there during an A's game at Coliseum.

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