Seat view from section 538 at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets


#1 Epperson 2013-07-10 05:39
538 is the last section in the stadium number wise and it's easily one of the worst places to sit at Citi Field. I've sat all over and we all know how deep center field is. 538 is almost in dead center field. Only positives were how cheap our seats in row 8 were and being able to see bits and pieces of the bullpens down below. (The Home Run Apple too). Our seats were comfy and we had a desirable amount of leg space but the players all looked like ants running around the field. You always get what you pay for, so if you want good seats, open up the wallet.

If you sit in an outfield Promenade section like this one, you want the middle of the section. The first two or three rows could have a partial obstruction from the protective glass near the staircases. The railing could also be pretty intrusive of your view of the field but not always.
But definitely avoid any seat above row 14. Why? The out of town scoreboard sits directly above these seats and there are a number of seats actually behind the scoreboard that will keep you from seeing the field. No idea why the Mets built the stadium this way but I'm beginning to think they rushed it's design in a race against the Yankees organization to have a new stadium the same year. It's not a coincidence that both new ballparks opened in 2009. Both claim to have broke ground on construction before the other. Either way, I miss both of New York's two former stadium; old Yankee and Shea.

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