Seat view from section 131 at Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins






#1 Zack 2013-06-28 05:50
I'm a Twins fanatic and often sit out here for games in either 131 or 130. Keep in mind that these are bleacher seats, they're not the most comfortable in the world but sitting here will keep you out of the sun for hot day games thanks to the roofing. It will also keep you out of the elements when it's raining. Even if it's cold in April or October, there are heat lamps near these seats to keep fans warm. How many organizations have taken that initiative for fans?

131 is also right next to both the Twins and the visiting team's bullpen. The Twins use the back bullpen while the visitors use the bullpen closest to the field. There is an indoor area for them to hang out in so they don't always venture into the bullpen until someone is assigned to warmup.
The bleachers are small sections. Nothing massive like the Yankees or Cubs have at their stadium. I think the bleachers only span four small sections in left field.

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