Seat view from section 238 at Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers


#1 Donna 2013-06-17 05:24
Went to our first Brewers/Cubs game last year after making the trip up from Illinois and the game was fantastic. We choose to sit in 238 not knowing they were bleacher seats but it's nothing like the bleachers at Wrigley Field where everyone is rowdy and doesn't know how to act. All of the Brewers fans were behaved for the most part. You're also able to access the rest of the ballpark even if you hold a bleacher ticket.
The individual seats are much more comfortable than the metal bleachers; it's just like sitting in a high school football stadium if you sit in this section. I also didn't like that there were no cup holders; so buy and set your beer down at your own risk.
238's best feature is that it overlooks the bullpen the Brewers players use. I saw a few fans interacting with the players during the game.
The view of the field was very solid. No complaints there, didn't see any home run balls in our area but I would imagine quiet a few get hit into section 238. Just wish we could have seen the scoreboard a little better without having to look way left. Also couldn't see the out of town scoreboard either to make sure the White Sox were losing.

Miller Park is one of the few ballparks I've seen that has such a tremendous tailgating scene. I've heard the Packers fans do as well, now the Bucks just have to get on board and get their own tailgate going.

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