Seat view from bleacher section 201 at Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers


#1 Brian Piechowski 2013-06-16 23:52
201 was the smallest of the bleacher sections on the loge level (didn't have a lot of rows or seats, period). Due to fans sitting on metal bleachers, a heavyset person sitting next to you can really ruin your experience.
201's best feature is that it overlooks the visitors bullpen so sit here if you're a fan of the visiting team (hopefully you're not a Chicago Cubs fan).
You won't be able to see the scoreboard all that well in center field. You won't be able to see the out of town scoreboard at all since it sits below the right field bleachers. But overall, it's a very lively section with some very knowledgeable and passionate Brewers fans. Not nearly as rowdy as the Wrigley Field bleachers where you'll see goats, homeless people and naked women.
And best of all, the tickets here are cheap!

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