Seat view from field box section 43 at Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers


#1 Jeremy Walker 2014-03-02 04:05
Had seats in row S for Game 3 of the NLCS last year vs. the Cardinals. We shut out the Cardinals and that was one of my greatest memories of Dodger Stadium and I've seen a lot of games here. Couldn't see the plays at the plate all that well but we were just a few steps away from the concourse area so we didn't miss any of the game when it was time for bathroom breaks and food. The seats are old but leg room is plentiful. You'll never feel cramped in with your neighbor at this stadium even though it's one of the oldest ballparks in the Majors. The fans are pretty well behaved in the field box seats for the most part but Dodgers fans have a terrible reputation after the violent events that have taken place in the parking lots.
I've sat in this area of the stadium for at least 10-15 Dodger games. One thing I hate about Dodger Stadium is how all of the odd numbered sections run down the 3rd base side and all of the even numbered sections run down the 1st base side. Why make it so difficult? Why not just renumber the sections and put them in sequence? Going to Dodger games never get old, I prefer games later in the evening or on overcast days though because that LA sun can be unbearable during June-August.

After recent improvements to the stadium, there are now drink and food rail areas towards the back of some sections throughout the stadium. Most of the rails are under the roofing providing shade but you wouldn't want to stand there for the duration of the game because you wouldn't be able to see some of the pop-up fly balls. Still, a nice addition for fans that don't want to eat their food at their seats.

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