#1 Diego 2014-03-02 07:24
Sat here for a game vs. the San Francisco Giants. The game was fun but you would think when they start throwing the phrase "Club Level" around that fans are in for something super luxurious when they hold club level tickets. Not so much for this section.
The foul pole in left field will obstruct a good bit of your view if you sit here. Was still easy to see all of the fly balls but the obstruction will annoy some, so most Dodgers fans should just avoid this section altogether. We were also what seemed like miles away from home plate. Being so far away, it will be easy to lose focus on the game until something big happens. When you sit close, you're more into the game and more aware of your surroundings.
You'll receive a lot of shade here thanks to the ceiling and there is practically no wait at the restrooms and concessions on the club level. Those are the two main benefits. Having an elevated view of the outfield is also a plus because the outfield is very deep being that Dodger Stadium is what's called a "Pitcher's Ballpark". It's very hard for batter's to hit home runs in this stadium which results in a lot of fly balls to the outfield.
I always enjoy coming to games though and soaking up the atmosphere of America's favorite pastime.

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