Seat view from section 224 at Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals




#1 Cullen 2013-07-28 04:14
Took my two sons to their first Royals game last month for an Atlanta Braves game. I'm a sucker for the Inter-league series.
To the fans sitting in section 224, you'll have almost the same view of the field as the journalists in the press area to your immediate right. Our seats were in the second row, row BB and stared right at the mound and the Mariners' on deck circle from behind home plate. The Royals used the dugout on the first base side and the bullpen in left field.
We had a fantastic view of the distinctive outfield area with the fountains and the crown shaped scoreboard.
Easiest way to get to these seats would be to enter thru gates B or C. One major downside I didn't like about Kauffman Stadium was that we couldn't see the field from the concourse too well. The concourse has a plain gray and very cavernous feel to it but is easy to navigate Not until you walk to your section's entrance will you be able to see the green grass.

If you want to take the kids to buy some Royals merchandise, the main team store is also outside of Gate C, the homeplate entrance. Items are more expensive at the park than at any other sporting goods store but the store at the ballpark will have the largest selection. If you're into getting free stuff, the Royals are almost always running a giveaway or promotion to help put butts in seats. Win a couple of World Series, that will put butts in seats.

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