Seat view from section 208 at Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals




#1 Greg Napier 2013-07-28 01:07
Kauffman Stadium has a curvilinear seating design so section 208 ended up being a great place to watch the game from despite being skeptical about them. The foul pole stood in our view looking towards center field but we didn't miss anything. We could see bits and pieces of the Royals bullpen in left field and we were just a short walk from the Royals Hall of Fame.
The only con I saw was the cement walkway leading down to the dugout boxes. There were way too many fans coming and going along the walkway, it became bothersome since most fans didn't seem to want to wait until the inning was over to get up.
The Royals lost to the Baltimore Orioles that night, don't recall the score but I remember that it was only a two game series and the attendance was really weak.
It's hard for this city to get excited about the Royals but the Chiefs have been losing for years and they get all of the support in the world. But if you've never been to Kauffman Stadium, it's a real gem of a ballpark that goes unnoticed by many Major League Baseball fans.

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