#1 Gabe 2013-04-29 06:51
If you ever got to see a baseball game at old Yankee Stadium in New York City, then this section and level is pretty much a spitting image of it. Large and boring, takes thirty minutes just to get thru security and get to your seats up there. Stairs are steep too, not for the easily intimidated when it comes to heights.

If you are going to sit in 510 or any of it's neighboring sections just stay as far away from the rows in the 20s as possible. Oh and don't get any ideas about sneaking down to better seats on the bottom level either because you won't be allowed on the bottom level unless you're exiting the stadium. House rules; kind of like how Cubs fans at Wrigley Field sitting in the bleachers can't access the rest of the ballpark. They're limited to one area.

If you're planning on tailgating in the parking lot, remember that no tailgating is allowed following the game and absolutely no beer kegs are allowed either.

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