Lucas Oil Stadium Seating Chart 

Where To Sit At Lucas Oil Stadium

Although Lucas Oil Stadium is the 2nd smallest stadium in the NFL, it still has many levels of seats to choose from. If you haven’t attended a game at this stadium in person, it’s immaculate and a thing of beauty. However, for a stadium this new, Lucas Oil Stadium has a ton of obstructed view seats. And for as much money as fans are asked to spend in order to attend an NFL game, that is just unacceptable. For that reason, we wanted to breakdown the Lucas Oil Stadium seating chart so that fans can have a better experience and avoid the seats with obstructions. We’ll first start with the club seats.





Club Level Seats

View from the Club Seats at Lucas Oil Stadium

If you want all of the extra amenities that will be sure to give you the ultimate Indianapolis Colts experience, look no further than the Club seats at Lucas Oil Stadium. You’ll have access to the upscale Advantage Lounge as well as the Faegre Baker Daniels club lounge where there are countless televisions with the NFL Sunday Ticket. Every club seat is padded and roomier than the standard seat in the stadium. The entrances and restrooms are private with virtually no wait times. All of the food at the concession stands are made to order. The club seats at Lucas Oil Stadium are priced into three groups according to their proximity to the 50 yard line. Every club seat will be centrally located between each 20 yard line for the best views of the field in the stadium. The three club seating areas include Club I, Club II and Club III and their sections are as follows

  • Club I – Sections 112-114, 139-141, 212-214, 239-241.
  • Club II – Sections 312-314, 339-341, 412-414, 439-441.
  • Club III – Sections 111, 115, 138, 142, 211, 215, 238, 242, 311, 3115, 338, 342, 411, 415, 438, 442






Street Level Seats

View from the Street Level Seats at Lucas Oil Stadium

The street level seating area is the largest seating area at Lucas Oil Stadium and consists of sections 101-110, 116-137, 143-153, 201-210, 216-237, 243-253. If your ticket is in a 100 or 200 level section and is not a club ticket, you’ll have a street level seat. These are the seats with the closest proximity to the playing field and there will be no obstructions. For the 100 level seats, there will be 22-24 rows of seats in each section. For the 200 level seats, there will be roughly 13 rows of seats in each section. Face value for each ticket on the street level will be from $104-$150 depending on the section. Expect to pay significantly more than that on secondary ticket websites like Stubhub and Ticket Monster, sometimes even double depending on the opponent. The Indianapolis Colts will use the sideline in front of section 140. The visiting team will use the sideline in front of section 113.





Loge Level Seats

View from the Loge Seats at Lucas Oil Stadium

The loge seating area includes sections 301-310, 316-337, 343-353, 401-410, 416-437, 443-453. If your seats are in the 300s or 400s and isn’t a club ticket, you’ll be sitting in the loge area. Face value for a loge ticket will be $93-$104 per seat depending on the section. Any seat in the 300 numbered sections will offer a phenomenal view of the playing field. There are typically only 5 rows of seats in the 300 level sections. There will typically be 10-15 rows of seats in the 400 level sections. The loge area is also the area of Lucas Oil stadium with the obstructed views of the field and they’re all in the 400 numbered sections. You really have to be careful about which seats you purchase so we’ve included a list of the sections and rows to avoid below. Not every seat in these rows has an obstructed view but why even take the chance? There are thousands of other seats in the stadium to purchase as an alternative. As a general rule of thumb, just try to stay away from the sections in the loge corners of Lucas Oil Stadium.


• Section 404, Rows 12-15.

• Section 406, Rows 13-14.

• Section 407, Rows 12-15.

• Section 408, Rows 12-15.

• Section 418, Rows 12-15.

• Section 419, Rows 12-15.

• Section 420, Row 13.

• Section 433, Rows 14-15.

• Section 434, Rows 12-15.

• Section 435, Rows 12-15.

• Section 437, Rows 8-10.

• Section 443, Rows 8-10.

• Section 445, Rows 12-15.

• Section 446, Rows 11-15.

• Section 447, Rows 12-14.





Terrace Level Seats

View from the Terrace Level seats at Lucas Oil Stadium

"Terrace" is the code word for upper level at Lucas Oil Stadium. The terrace seating area actually offers excellent panoramic views of the playing field and isn't nearly as high up as similar seats in other NFL stadiums. There are two giant scoreboards in two corners of the stadium to help keep you informed throughout the game. Face value for a terrace level ticket will be between $54-$83 depending on the section. There will be 22-28 rows of seats in each terrace section. I would avoid sections 624-629 in the terrace end zone like the plague although they’re often the cheapest tickets in the stadium. A full season ticket plan for these sections is only $440 but that should tell you something. The view of the playing field just isn’t up to par from there.

We hope you've found our seating chart analysis to be helpful. If you have previously had the misfortune of purchasing a seat that had obstructed views of the playing field, please leave a review for that section on our Lucas Oil Stadium page. We would love to hear from you and help keep other NFL fans in the loop before purchasing their Indianapolis Colts tickets. Be sure to check out our staff's official review of Lucas Oil Stadium.




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