Soldier Field Seating Chart

Where To Sit At Soldier Field

Chicago is a gem of a city for sports fans that enjoy attending games. Not only do they have five professional teams to cheer for but they have two of the most historic venues in American sports within a few miles of each other; Wrigley Field and Soldier Field. Not only is Soldier Field the oldest stadium in the NFL but it's also the smallest. Many Chicago Bears fans are shocked when they learn this. However, with all of the different seating levels and strategically priced seating areas, we wanted to provide a thorough analysis of the Soldier Field seating chart to help NFL fans decide where to sit and help navigate the stadium a little easier.


There's also the fact that the Chicago Bears organization has a waiting list for potential season ticket holders even with the requirement of a PSL purchase. This only drives up the demand and ticket prices to see Chicago Bears games. If you're inquiring about a particular section at Soldier Field, please refer back to the previous page. We'll first start with the United Club seating area. 



United Club

 View of the United Club lounge at Soldier Field


If you’re looking for a first class experience for a Chicago Bears home game, look no further than the United Club. The club’s best feature is the climate controlled club lounges which fans will be able to escape to during those cold November and December home games. The area also features more than 100 flat screen TVs with the NFL Sunday Ticket, private entrances and restrooms, eight full service bars, upscale concessions and cushioned seats that are larger than the standard seat at Soldier Field. The United Club’s seating area is on the 2nd and 3rd levels on the east side of Soldier Field. There are three distinctively priced seating areas in the United Club.

  • Club 1 – Club 1 consists of sections 209 and 309. Face value for these seats is $430 per ticket.
  • Club 2 – Club 2 consists of sections 206-208, 210-212, 306-308, 310-312. Face value for these seats is $380 per ticket.
  • Club 3 – Club 3 consists of sections 202-205, 213-216, 301-305, 313-317. Face value for these seats is $300 per ticket.

The United Club seats sit perched above the visitors sideline and most sections feature 19 rows of seats. United Club tickets can be purchased on secondary ticket websites like Stubhub and Ticket Monster, however, you will be expected to pay often double the face value depending on the opponent.

View from the United Club at Soldier Field

If you’re interested in becoming a season ticket holder for the United Club, you’ll receive complimentary parking, access to a pregame buffet and the ability to purchase individual tickets for Bears games before the general public. You'll often see who's who of Chicago's elite in the United Club and they pay good money to sit there. All Bears fans are required to purchase a personal seat license just to be allowed to purchase season tickets. 






View from the Mezzanine Seats at Soldier Field

The mezzanine seats basically consists of all lower level sections that aren’t in the end zones and they are priced into four different tiers. The mezzanine includes sections 101-117 (behind the visitors sideline) and 128-146 (behind the Bears sideline). If you want the most intimate Chicago Bears experience possible, this is where you will want to sit. Most mezzanine sections have 19 rows of seats. Face value for these seats is $155-$200 per ticket with the ticket price increasing the closer you sit to midfield. It’s not uncommon for the price of these seats to skyrocket into the neighborhood of $500 per ticket for games vs. teams like the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings.





Media Deck

View from the Media Deck at Soldier Field

The Media Deck is the smallest seating area at Soldier Field and is on the 2nd level on the west side of the stadium. It consists of sections 228-246 and most sections will have 9-12 rows of seats. It’s called the “Media Deck” because this is where the coaches and media booths are. It’s not unheard of for fans to run into on air NFL personalities if their ticket is in these sections. The entrances are private and there will be heaters throughout this area to help keep you warm throughout the game. This is a highly desirable area due to its location above the Chicago Bears sideline.





View from the Lower Level Grandstand at Soldier Field

There are a three different seating areas that make up Soldier Field’s grandstand and the layout is quiet confusing. The grandstand consists of the following sections.

• 119-126 (south endzone), 148-155 (north endzone). Face value for these seats is $140 per ticket. Most of these sections will have 19 rows of seats.

• 330-344 (west third level). Face value for these seats is $145-$165 per ticket. Most of these sections will have 15 rows of seats.

• 427-447 (west fourth level). Face value for these seats is $106-$126 per ticket depending on the row and section. Most of these sections will have 37 rows of seats.  If your ticket is in the first 15 rows of these sections, expect to pay significantly more. These are generally considered the worst seats at Soldier Field due to their location at the top of the stadium but many Chicago Bears fans will disagree.

View from the 400 level grandstand at Soldier Field

Keep in mind that sections 148 and 155 in the north end zone do not allow alcohol consumption and if caught without alcohol, you will be ejected from the stadium. Personally, I don’t know if a Chicago Bears game is complete without a beer and Polish sausage, so you may want to avoid those sections. However, the grandstand end zone seats are going to give fans the closest proximity to the field in the entire stadium giving you an incredible Chicago Bears experience.




View from the 300 level endzone at Soldier Field

As previously stated, the lower level end zone seats at Soldier Field are considered part of the Grandstand. The 200 and 300 level end zone seats are called just that. The 300 level end zone seats consists of sections 318-326 (south end zone) and 348-356 (north end zone). Face value for these sections is $110 per ticket.

View from the 200 level endzone at Soldier Field

The 200 level end zone seats consists of sections 218-226 (south end zone) and 248-256 (north end zone). Face value for these sections is $120 per ticket. You will rarely find only a $10 differential between 200 and 300 level seats so don’t get excited. The 200 level end zone seats definitely offer Bears fans a closer perspective than the 300s. The south end zone is much more picturesque with the view of the downtown Chicago skyline in the distance. Every section of both levels will offer between 24 and 27 rows of seats.

 If anyone has any questions about Soldier Field, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact form above. Bear Down!