Staples Center Basketball Seating Chart - Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers

Where To Sit At The Staples Center

The Staples Center, located in the heart of Los Angeles, is one of the busiest arenas in North America and is the only arena to host three professional teams under the same roof; the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA), Los Angeles Clippers (NBA) and Los Angeles Kings (NHL). The Staples Center has been home to the three teams since 1999 when it first opened. With the Staples Center hosting so many events each year, we wanted to dissect the Staples Center seating chart to give fans a better idea about the sections and arena’s layout before purchasing tickets. We’ll start with the coveted courtside seats for basketball games.

Staples Center Hockey Seating Chart - Los Angeles Kings



View from the Courtside Seats at the Staples Center during a Los Angeles Lakers Home Game 

Courtside Seats (Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers Games)

The courtside seats at the Staples Center are seen as legendary, thanks in part to actor Jack Nicholson, a long-time Lakers season ticket holder. In fact, you won’t find the courtside seats designated on most Staples Center seating maps. Fans can sometimes purchase courtside seats on secondary ticket websites like Stubhub ranging from $1000-$5000 per ticket, on average. The courtside seats on the sidelines will have one row of seats; row A. The courtside seats next to the basket will have two rows of seats; rows A and B.

The Los Angeles Clippers recently announced that they will be adding 8 “star courtside seats” to the Staples Center. These seats will be located between the Clippers bench and the visiting team’s bench. These seats will offer access to the all-inclusive clubs, a VIP entrance to the arena, valet parking and in-seat waiter service. Season tickets for the star courtside seats for the 2017-2018 NBA season will be priced at $175,000 per ticket or just over $4,000 per ticket per game.




View of the Ice from 115 at the Staples Center, Home of the Los Angeles Kings

Lower Level (Loge, 100’s)

The lower level, also sometimes called the loge level, consists of sections 101 through 119. There are between 18 and 20 rows in each section on the lower level; typically beginning with Row A and then rows 1 through 18. Some sections have 20 rows total. In some sections, row 18 or row 20 is a wheelchair accessible row. The number of seats in each row will vary from section to section. Sections 101 and 111 are the most expensive seats of the 100 level sections. 

For Los Angeles Kings home games, the Kings bench and the visiting team’s bench are both located in front of section 101. The penalty box is located in front of section 111. The Kings shoot twice on the goal in front of sections 115 and 116. The bench used by the Lakers and Clippers players is located in front of section 119. The visiting team’s bench is located in front of section 102. The tunnel the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers players run out of is in front of section 117. The tunnel the visiting teams run out of is in front of sections 104 and 105.




View of the Ice from PR14 at the Staples Center, Home of the Los Angeles Kings 

Premier Sections (PR)

The premier sections are a premium seating area and offer perhaps the best fan experience at the Staples Center aside from the private suites and courtside seats. Season tickets for the premier sections are sold as a block that includes tickets for all Lakers, Clippers and Kings home games. Many area businesses purchase season tickets for the premier sections to entertain clients and business partners. Fans with premier section tickets will have access to preferred parking, two private entrances to the arena (Star Plaza and SW VIP), access to the San Manuel Club and will have a wait staff that will bring your drinks and food items to your seats. Here is a list of the menu items you’ll be able to order from if you have premier seats.

The premier sections consist of sections PR1 through PR18. They are technically considered part of the lower level but sit further back and offer an excellent view of the court/ice. Sections PR1 through PR9 are located on one side of the arena and sections PR10 through PR18 on another. The premier sections will have between 9 and 12 seats per row; beginning with row 1. The premier sections all have padded seats and additional leg room for fans.



View of the Court from Section 217 during a Los Angeles Clippers home game at the Staples Center

200 Level

The 200 level sections are located behind each goal and are not premier sections. The 200 level consists of sections 205 through 210 and 214 through 219. Tickets for these seats will be some of the cheapest on the lower level and are an excellent option for fans that don’t want to spend a ton of money on the lower level tickets but also don’t want to sit on the upper level. Each section will have 12 rows of seats; numbered 1 through 12. There are no special amenities that accompany these sections.




View of the Court from the Upper Level of the Staples Center during a Los Angeles Clippers Home Game

Upper Level (300’s)

The upper level seats at the Staples consists of sections 301 through 334. Most of the sections on the upper level have between 7 and 13 rows of seats beginning with row 1. The best seats on the upper level can be found in sections 301, 302, 334 and 317 through 319. Overall, the upper level at the Staples Center is much smaller than similar seating areas in other NBA and NHL arenas.




Season Ticket Pricing – Kings/Clippers/Lakers

Season tickets for the Los Angeles Clippers 2017-2018 season are priced as follows.

  • $7975-$12155 – Center Loge
  • $5681-$8345 – Inside Corner Loge
  • $4816-$7040 – Baseline Lettered Loge
  • $3943-$6118 – Corner Loge
  • $2810-$3800 – Baseline Loge
  • $1949-$2850 - 200 Level
  • $968-$2265 - Balcony Center
  • $792-$1270 - Balcony Corner
  • $792-$1175 - Balcony Baseline

Pricing for Los Angeles Kings season tickets is complex and depends on the package you choose which can be found at

Season tickets for the Los Angeles Lakers are currently sold out. If you would like to join the Los Angeles Lakers season ticket waiting list, please visit