Stubhub Center Seating Chart, Home of the Los Angeles Chargers 

Where To Sit At The Stubhub Center

The Stubhub Center will serve as the temporary home stadium of the Los Angeles Chargers until the 2020 NFL season when they move into their $2.6 billion stadium in Inglewood. During that time, the venue will be known as the smallest stadium in the National Football League with a capacity of only 27,000 seats. With such a small capacity, the Stubhub Center will offer one of the most intimate viewing experiences in the NFL. The Los Angeles Chargers have spent $10 million to bring the stadium up to NFL standards. The Stubhub Center is located in Carson, California, was previously known as the Home Depot Center and is also home to Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Galaxy.

Stubhub Center Main Entrance in Carson, California 


The sections on the lower level of the Stubhub Center are numbered 101 through 142. The rows in those sections are lettered A through Z. Facing the field, seat 1 is located on the far-right side of every row. The number of seats per row varies by row. Most 100 level sections will have 22-25 seats per row.  The Los Angeles Chargers sideline is located in front of sections 110, 111 and 112. The visiting team’s bench is located in front of sections 131, 132 and 133. The tunnel the players run out of is located in front of section 141.



The 200 level sections are numbered 226 through 238. The rows in these sections are labeled AA through RR and will typically have 18-22 seats per row. Facing the field, seat 1 will be located on the far-right side of every row. The 200 level sections offer excellent shade from the sun and also have some of the best panoramics of the playing field below.





The 300 level sections are numbered 314 through 327 and 337 through 339. The rows in sections 314 through 327 are lettered AA through HH and the seats are numbered 1 through 24. Facing the field, seat 1 will be located on the far-right side of every row. Sections 314 through 327 are located in the North end zone and underneath the scoreboard.

Sections 337 through 339 are located in the southeast corner of the stadium. Compared to all other NFL stadiums, the sections numbered in the 300s are still very close to the field. Here are the rows for sections 337 through 339.

  • 337: AA-QQ
  • 338: AA-NN
  • 339: AA-FF


View of the playing field at the Stubhub Center, home of the Los Angeles Chargers

Some sections at the Stubhub Center are individual seats while other sections are bleacher seats. The sections that offer individual seats are sections 107-115 and 128-136. The sections that are bleacher seats are sections 116-127, 137-142, 226-238, 314-327, 337-339. The bleacher seats will not offer backs or have cup holders. The suites and press box are all located on the West side of the stadium; same side of the field as Chargers sideline. There are four entrances to the Stubhub Center; the Southwest, Southeast, Northwest and Northeast entrances.

The 2017 Los Angeles Chargers season ticket prices are as follows (per ticket) although all 27,000 seats have been purchased for the 2017 NFL season. Chargers fans are welcome to put down a deposit to get on the waiting list for season tickets at the new stadium when it opens in 2020 in Inglewood. However, at that time, a personal seat license will be required to purchase season tickets for the Los Angeles Chargers.

  • Lower Center West – $3750
  • Lower Center East – $3250
  • Lower Sideline – $2550
  • Mezzanine Mid Field – $2200
  • Mezzanine Sideline – $1800
  • South End Zone – $1650
  • Lower North End Zone – $1350
  • North End Zone - $700