Photo of the field at Great American Ball Park taken from the outfield. Home of the Cincinnati Reds. 

Image Credit: Redlegsfan21 - Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

I was confident that the first time I would ever see the New York Yankees would be at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. As much as I hate to say it, New York Yankees games are just a little different than other games and have more meaning.

The New York Yankees had not visited Great American Ball Park since 2003; an 8 year absence. The main reason I love inter-league play as a spectator is you get to see teams and players that you normally do not get to see. I sat in section 115, row FF, seats 15 and 16. I paid $175 for these two seats which was well above face value. Do not be fooled. Row FF in this section is not the 6th row, which is what I thought when I bought them. I wanted to be up close and personal to Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez for the game. Row FF is actually the last row in section 115 and  Row F is the second row. This row is excellent if you want to stand the entire game since it's the last row. 

The great thing about these seats is you are on the aisle but at the same time you have tons of traffic trying to get out of the row to go to concessions/bathrooms. This game was the most I had ever been asked to stand up by neighboring fans. Very annoying. Another great thing about these seats is the pitches are all in front of you. You are not seated behind the pitcher and you can make out the pitches at the plate. You are right next to third base and extremely close to stadium exits, concessions and bathrooms. I would sit here again, but certainly would not pay $175 for two tickets.


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