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Our Mission

Every sports venue has different dimensions and you deserve to know what they are before spending your hard earned money on tickets. With ticket and concession prices at an all-time high, let From This Seat help you learn all about the seats, before buying your tickets. Don't visit another professional stadium, ballpark or arena without stopping here first.



How Did We Get Started?

In January of 2010, I paid $400 for two tickets to see the AFC Wildcard match up between the New York Jets and the Cincinnati Bengals. I won the tickets in an Ebay auction and as it turned out, I could have saved a lot of money by purchasing my tickets on Stubhub. When I found my seats, I found myself in the end zone with one of the uprights obstructing my view of the field. It was there, at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati that the idea for From This Seat was born. I wanted to come up with an innovative site that allowed fans to share their stories and vent their frustrations about their seats to other fans of the NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB. Every section of every venue of those four leagues are documented on From This Seat. Oh, and by the way, the Bengals lost the game and were knocked out of the playoffs. But I wouldn't trade that day for anything.



Will We Ever Cover NCAA , Nascar And Concert Venues?

No way. For NCAA events, so many sections of the venue are inaccessible to regular fans including sections for students, alumni, family, boosters, band and visiting fans. If you were going to see a Duke basketball game, are you really concerned about what your seats will be like? There are no bad seats at Cameron Indoor Stadium, it only holds 9,000 people. NASCAR venues are huge but so much of the audience watches the race from the infield and the seating/venue attributes are essentially the same nationwide. Concert venues are all very different and there are thousands upon thousands of concert halls, fields and amphitheaters throughout the country. Documenting them all would be next to impossible and many events are held at venues already listed on From This Seat. Additionally, every artist has a different stage setup. Some sections of the venue will be restricted depending upon that particular artist's setup.



Is From This Seat a Resourceful Tool for Sports Fans?


Sports franchises never want you to know too much about their stadiums or arenas. A few of the things you will learn by accessing From This Seat is


  • What other fans thought of the view from their seats.

  • How much they paid for their tickets and concessions.

  • Which sections have obstructed views.

  • The pros and cons of both general admission and reserved seating.

  • How visiting fans were treated by the home team's fans.



Why You Need to Know More About The Seats You're Purchasing

The average ticket prices for the NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB in 2010 followed by the Fan Cost Index (Average Cost of taking a family of four to a game) are as follows.


NHL: $54.25 , $313.68

NBA: $47.66, $287.85

NFL: $76.47 , $420.54

MLB: $26.74 , $194.98


As you can see, the costs of attending a professional sports event are not cheap. As expected, the teams that boasted the highest ticket prices in 2010 were your big market teams such as the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Red Sox and Dallas Cowboys. Imagine spending this kind of money only to find that your seats are in a hostile section or with an obstruction of the field of play.