Seat view from section 317 at Metlife Stadium, home of the New York Giants


#2 Lorenzo 2013-12-10 20:17
I hate the upper corners of Metlife Stadium, swore I would never sit there again in fact, but I just had to see my Giants take on the Cowboys so we settled for 317 for another game. It had some of the only tickets we could afford but still ran us close to $400 believe it or not. (New York Prices). Be prepared to sit tightly with your neighbor. Although this place holds 80K, it doesn't look or feel like it so right there, you know that the seats are well crammed together - just like Lambeau Field in Green Bay.
I will say that although we were to the side of the end zone, we could still see every inch of the field rather easily and the replay boards in all four corners of the stadium definitely enhance the experience on the upper level. They all four have perfect placement and aren't at the very top of the stadium like I've seen in other venues.
If you've ever been here, you know that the seats are all colored gray. Something that had to be done since two teams call this place home, it has to stay very neutral. Because there are only 8 home games per year, sharing a stadium just makes sense financially. The Yankees and Mets need their own home with more than 80 home games each season.
There isn't much of a neighborhood feel here at Metlife. It's just like Citi Field where the Mets play. Very ugly and undeveloped. The Meadowlands Racetrack is next door where all of the bookies and degenerates hang out. If you want something to eat, you can eat at nearby Redd's Bar and Restaurant or can bring in your own food into the stadium. Just make sure you put it in a clear plastic bag. I wish they would allow fans to bring in their own beer.
#1 John M 2013-09-20 06:52
To give you an idea what the view of the field is like from section 317, here is a Youtube video shot from there in an empty Metlife Stadium.

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