#1 Giano 2012-09-07 06:36
Not until you sit in 422 will you realize how much wasted space there is at this stadium outside of the football lines. The seats sit way past the sidelines leaving even fans with lower level seats with a lack of intimacy.

From this seat, you can see every inch of the field but it sits very far away. The upper level is just too high up at this stadium but you will never have that cramped feeling. In fact, sitting up there on a fall day is very relaxing as long as it's sunny outside. The stairs can be a little steep depending on how high up you're sitting.

Getting to your seats can become a problem if you enter the stadium just as everyone else is. Make sure you leave your tailgate in plenty of time. Gate D on the Northeast end of the stadium is the fastest way to get to your seats in 422. Security is slow but that's good, it means they're checking everyone well. You're allowed to bring in water bottles as long as they've been unopened and you can keep refilling it in the stadium.

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