Seat view from section 231 at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions


#1 Johnnie 2012-08-25 08:20
I sat in 231, row 12, for the Lions vs. the Minnesota Vikings in a heated divisional matchup.
I get tired of the Lions games being blacked out at home so it was nice to finally get to come to a game.

231 was dead center field. The sight lines were the best in the stadium and I could still easily make out who all of the players were. There are private entrances to the club level so not just any average joe can sneak into these seats. They're guarded tighter than Fort Knox.
The seats as you could imagine, are cushioned with nice expensive leather with an excess amount of leg room. If another fan in your row needs out, you want have to stand up, I'll put it that way. These tickets are priced at $160 per game for 2012, so you can expect to pay at least that on secondary reseller websites like Stubhub and ScoreBig.

We had access to a few restaurants and exclusive concessions but I ate before the game at Elwood so I didn't really indulge on any of it. You can't go wrong with these seats, no matter which seat or row you end up going with.

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