Seat view from section 101 at State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals


#2 A.L. 2012-10-13 05:59
Section 101 is one section I would recommend straying away from. I had seats in row 22 for the Cleveland Browns game in 2011 and didn't like how small the jumbo trons were in each end zone. That is definitely something you will notice if you've ever visited Cowboy Stadium in Dallas or Metlife Stadium in New York.

Most importantly, the Bud Light Game Zone sat immediately to the right of our section and there is so much commotion over there that it makes it hard to concentrate on the game. You end up people watching a lot when you're really there to watch football but the Bud Light game zone is a great place to go before the game if you're not tailgating.

If you're able to get seats in the first 5 or so rows of section 101, there are very few seats assigned to each row so keep that in mind. And I hated how far this section sits from the field; something else you will definitely notice if you sit here. The game was fun but I'll be choosing better seats next time now that I have a feel for the stadium.
#1 J. Andre 2011-10-09 20:43
There are 41 Rows in this section like all of the others. (1-41). Seats closest to the field have very few seats in each row which makes exiting less of a headache. Expect to pay no less than $100 for these tickets on the secondary market, even in years when the Cardinals aren't performing too well which is quiet often. You have to turn your head to see the closest Jumbotron, annoying. You will also be right next to the Cardinals tunnel, cool to see them up close when they enter and exit the locker room. Also the place to be when the ball advances towards the south endzone.

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