View from section 424 at State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals


#3 Wes Lawrence 2012-10-15 04:13
As a general reminder, remember that section 424 is a alcohol-free section. It stresses a family environment and you also need to be on your best behavior, I know swearing can get someone thrown out of this section in a heartbeat. Just sit somewhere else in the stadium if you want to drink. Keep in mind that section 432 is also an alcohol free section.
#2 Mike Wells 2012-10-14 21:51
Correction to the first comment: section 424 has both a regular seating area for the terrace and also a ring of honor portion. The terrace portion consists of rows 1-23. They're in the upper corner of the stadium and are pretty crappy seats if you ask me.
#1 Staley 2012-10-14 21:23
My wife and I had seats in row D of 424 for last season's Steelers game on 10/23/2011. There were maybe five or six rows in our section, small but bigger than the other ring of honor sections to our left. The ring of honor is the first few seats of the upper deck to clear things up. It's not an exclusive seating area or anything, the sight lines are going to be much better than any seat you'll find on the terrace. Just so you know.

I paid right around $150 for our two seats which is right at face value from what I understand the ticket prices fluctuate from year to year so don't expect to pay just that for any and every game. We were also in close proximity to everything in the roomy concourse area. The stadium fare is below average if you ask me. I think you're better off tailgating or eating at Margaritaville or Saddle Ranch before the game.

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