Seat view from section 224 at Oracle Arena, home of the Golden State Warriors


#2 Allen 2013-10-12 04:32
Have sat here once and this was a few seasons back while the San Antonio Spurs were in Oakland.
You'd probably be better off skipping these seats and opting for seats along the upper level sides. Your view of the court will be much more "central" and convenient. I understand that a lot of Warriors fans are priced out of the expensive lower level seats because I've been in those shoes too when the Warriors went to the playoffs last season. For weeknight games vs. non rival opponents, you can find seats in 224 for as little as $20 sometimes. And section 224 is definitely worth that price.
There weren't many rows at all so you won't have very many steps to climb on the top level; a major plus! Most of the seats are oriented on the bottom level of Oracle.

You'll also have the perfect view of the jumbo scoreboard from these seats; it has four sides to it and has HD presentation. The PA announcer guy is a little cheesy but they all are. There are now two additional screens for viewing in the upper corners of the arena so you won't miss any of the action at all.

Oracle arena is definitely a little on the small side but it definitely makes up for it in noise and fan involvement.
#1 Alli 2011-12-08 20:05
Sat here for a clippers/warriors game last season. 224 is located on the upper level behind the goal but not directly behind it, so you can still see almost all of the court.
17 rows, 1 thru 17. Not too many seats per row. Tickets can be found for in the $20 range. Pretty good deal if you want to see an NBA game in person and never have.
You get what you pay for, these seats aren't great, there are much better section in this arena.

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