Seat view from section 228 at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals


#1 Andy 2013-07-20 05:05
The right field loge seats are affordable seats if you want a 2nd level view. Not going to lie, you can see the outfield so much better from higher up. 228 will give you a similar view that the fans in the Coca-Cola party areas get for the game. Those are all out in center field and usually come with a free buffet. I've sat out there with groups before and it's fun but I enjoy coming to Cardinals games with just my wife and the kids for the most part. 229 next to these seats is one section you will want to avoid because it sits behind the foul pole in right field.

There are two disadvantages to sitting here but I think they're rather minor. A) The glare from the sun and the angle make it hard to see parts of the scoreboards in center field. B) You get a decent view of the St. Louis skyline but not as good as the fans sitting along the first base side. Could only see the very top of the Gateway Arch but when you're a St. Louis native, the arch isn't really a big deal.

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