Seat view from section 340 at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals


#1 Sean Fields 2013-07-20 20:02
Sat here on Sunday September 20th for a Washington Nationals game, the Cardinals won big that day! It was a capacity crowd and I was at least happy that were weren't seated on the upper Terrace in the 400s. We were in the 3rd row and 340 is nestled in between the infield and outfield for a good view of both areas. As long as fans can see the infield well, they won't be disappointed. This is why I refuse to sit in the bleachers at Busch.

Compared to other ballparks I've visited, the upper deck at Busch Stadium is much higher up. The could be a wrong perception but it felt higher up. I didn't really care, though. The Cardinal fans are what really makes the experience worth attending.
Really liked some of the restaurants outside of the ballpark. Ozzie's on Washington and the Over/Under Bar and Grill, also on Washington are worth the visit. The Mad Hungarian used to own a bar near the Stadium but it's been shut down.

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