Seat view from section 121 at Oracle Park, home of the San Francisco Giants


#2 Destin 2013-06-05 05:16
They have all kinds of designated prices for infield sections like 121 depending on how close you want to sit to the field which I find silly. Why not just paying one price for the entire section? What a racket! But then again, this is San Francisco where parking at a meter costs $7 for an hour.

Anyway, section 121 is excellent no matter which row you end up settling for. I was in row 35 near the top and could see the field just fine. No bad seats at AT&T Park although I'm not particularly fond of the bleachers.
There is so much I like about this park; especially China Basin Park on the cove where Willie Mccovey's statue is. There are also various other statues scattered throughout the park.

Gilroy's garlic fries are the staple here but they can cause some serious indigestion. I recommend those if you end up coming to a Giants game. I also recommend you using public transportation because parking is just horrendous outside of the ballpark. $30 for a spot? No thank you.
#1 Lucian 2012-07-19 20:21
If you purchase tickets in 121, wow is all you will be able to say. The seats are phenomenal and the best you could possibly find at this ballpark. The seats aren't exactly behind home plate but they're close to the Giants batter's box and literally right next to the dugout.
These tickets will cost a premium; often in the neighborhood of $200 per ticket bu they're well worth it although you could get the same seats at Oakland Coliseum for a fraction of the cost.

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