Seat view from section 325 at Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies


#1 Beau 2013-07-04 01:50
*Saw The Phillies play the LA Dodgers. (Always an exciting game to see in person).
*We were seated above the Dodgers dugout, 3rd level Terrace.
*Tickets ran us $80 for two seats. Not too expensive but also not very cheap. We figured we were at least watching two competitive teams so we couldn't complain.
*Comfortable seats but wish they were padded. Plenty of leg space though.
*Rows are wide, aisles were not so wide. Wait until batter's are done batting to hit the concourse. Many fans obey this etiquette but not all.
*Favorite part of the stadium was Ashburn alley and the Liberty Bell. It rings every time a Phillies player hits a home run. Many fans don't know that if you catch a home run ball from a Phillies player, you can leave it with the ballpark and they will have it autographed and mailed back to you. Not too many MLB organizations will do anything like that for the fans.

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