Seat view from section 104 at Bridgestone Arena, home of the Nashville Predators


#2 egg 2015-05-16 23:24
I sat in this same section on 2 different occasions as a fan of the opposing team (visitor shoots twice on this net). I had a great time both games and would highly recommend these seats. Depending on the row you are in, some seats are more comfortable, leather backs while others are more stadium seating with thin cushions but either way both worked. Rows start with double letters (AA is first row) and proceed from there. I believe i had MM at one point and enjoyed the sight lines. Nice arena- if you are considering these seats, pull the trigger
#1 Peter 2012-08-12 21:41
You'll enjoy your seats in any row here but be prepared to empty your wallet. Any seat in the 100s and 200s is bound to be $80+ on any given night, no matter which team is in town. The seats themselves are very comfortable with cup holders in every seat. We had an almost corner view of the ice but were still technically on the sidelines. Its cool being able to look across the ice and see both of the benches in plain view and seeing the line changes and player substitutions is exciting.

The fans are fairly new to the sport of hockey, but their enthusiasm rivals that of older teams like the Leafs, Habs and Red Wings. I've been to hundreds of games and the Predator fans are great and very welcoming to visiting fans for the most part.

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