Seat view from section 126 at Metlife Stadium, home of the New York Giants


#1 Chase Rossi 2013-12-11 06:47
Giants were playing the Steelers that day. (November, 2012). Was absolutely disgusted that so many Steelers fans had invaded Metlife with their little gay yellow towels. Don't worry I told myself, they do this to every stadium. To make matters worse, they beat the Giants by a measely 4 points. I enjoyed my seats though and it's environment. The fans were exciting and really made the experience worth while. Giants fans are a little better behaved than Jets fans but Giants fans can have their moments. I saw a few Steelers fans receive the middle finger as well as a number of sexual taunts. Foul language and excessive drinking should be expected at every NFL stadium, that goes without saying.
These seats have more comfort than the seats at the old stadium. 126 should be avoided by the fans that prefer to not sit behind the uprights of the field goal. It can limit the view from some seats but nothing major. A good chunk of the sideline seats are club seats here which kind of limits where us regular fans can sit on the bottom level. What do you expect from a stadium that actually has it's stadium entrances named after sponsors like Bud Light and Verizon. Also take notice of the new bag policy at stadiums across the country. Women's items must be in a clear plastic bag, no more big purses and they pat down or wand almost everyone that enters the stadium now. Also make sure you check out the Legacy Club near section 143. It's free to anyone with a ticket.

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