Seat view from section 102 at the Smoothie King Center, home of the New Orleans Pelicans


#3 Chris R. 2013-10-29 03:08
Have sat here many times and it's great. You'll have 26 rows of seats to choose from. All 26 rows are club seats that come with free parking and a waiter or waitress for your food and beverage needs. Many New Orleans area businesses buy these seats up and allow employees and clients to use them so I wouldn't expect a rowdy fan base in these seats which some fans may actually be relieved of. The New Orleans fan base is rowdy when they have something to cheer about which hasn't been much as of late. Fans were rowdy during the Chris Paul years when they had something to cheer about; hopefully Austin Rivers can usher in a new era.

New Orleans Arena as a whole doesn't get a ton of love from the media or fans perhaps because this is such a small market. Staples Center, Madison Square Garden and the United Center seem to get all of the limelight but this place is clean, new, safe, a few streets away from the French Quarter and has plenty of parking. If you live in the New Orleans area and have yet to check out the Hornets, you should definitely make the trip and stay at maybe the Maison Dupay or Place d'Armes.
#2 Joey H 2012-11-09 05:56
I liked these seats. For one because we were extremely close to the court, my girlfriend and I and two because we could look across the floor and see into the benches. When you sit behind the benches, you don't really get to notice any of the substitutions or player reactions when they come off the floor. Just an observation I noticed. Plus, there is always just too much going on when you sit behind the benches because the media/score table is right there in the middle and there is always people coming and going.
102 will give you an uninterrupted view of the court and these are part of the club area where you have access to two distinct areas; the North and South clubs which are trendy areas to drink and dine before the game begins or at halftime.
As a reminder, Hornets games aren't like NFL and MLB games. The court is so small that it's imperative that you choose seats so you can see everything or otherwise you're just wasting your time. Not all seats are bad at this arena mainly because it's so small. Even the upper level had decent sight lines looking at the court down below.
Our seats were in row 14. I would say rows 10-20 are the most ideal for the average fan. You'll be close to the court but not too close which is where you want to be for the best line of sight for the entire basketball court. And unlike many professional basketball arenas, the club seats for the Hornets are very affordable. You shouldn't pass them up!
#1 John M 2012-11-09 05:44
To give you an idea what the view of the court is like from section 102, here is a Youtube video shot from there during a high school basketball game at New Orleans Arena.

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