Seat view from section 215 at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs


#2 Megan G 2012-07-03 15:03
I went to the game last Friday June 29th 2012 against the Astros. These seats were great! We were just under the overhang so we didn't get a drop on us during the 50 minute rain delay. The seats also had a great view! We could see the batters box easily and was relatively close but could also experience the rest of the beautiful ballpark! We could see the outfield and scoreboard it was gorgeous! Seats were relatively cheap-in wrigley standards :)
#1 Jeff G 2011-08-09 02:02
Sat here in 2008 for a Pirates game. Absolutely terrible seats, there are poles and obstructions from row 6 and higher. In fact, for almost any of the 200 level sections, row 15 or higher, the upper deck will also obstruct your view. You can't see fly balls, the scoreboard, even the fans in the bleachers. The only advantage in this section is you are covered from the heat and rain and are close to concessions and bathrooms. Expect to pay $30 or more for these seats, depending on the game. Got my tickets for $20 a piece on Go Cubs!

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