Photo of Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Image Credit: Aaronisnotcool/Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

The NBA and the league’s 30 teams place a lot of emphasis on providing an intimate fan experience for basketball fans during games. Basketball fans also pay top dollar to sit courtside. However, Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder is calling for more protection from fans seated courtside after being tapped by a young fan during last night’s game. The incident happened at the Pepsi Center, home of the Denver Nuggets.

After turning around in disgust, Westbrook asked that the kid’s father watch his kid and that he can’t just touch players while the game is going on. If one thing is for certain, its that basketball fans will be afraid to make physical contact with Westbrook during games in the future. Additionally, its highly unlikely that NBA teams would be willing to place fans further from the court during games. That move would leave too much money on the table, especially during the NBA playoffs. Nevertheless, Westbrook and other NBA players that share a similar point of view will likely voice their opinions to Adam Silver and league executives concerning fan intimacy.


The Los Angeles Clippers offer perhaps the most intimate courtside seating experience in the National Basketball League with their “Star Courtside Seats". The Star Courtside seats are located in between the team benches and the scorer’s table on the court. The seats are sold on a season ticket basis and cost $175,000 per ticket per season. Amenities include complimentary food and drinks, valet parking, waiter service, and a VIP entrance into the Staples Center.


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