Photo of a touchdown catch in an NFL game between the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings. 

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If you’re like us, you become overwhelmed with the number of NFL games played simultaneously on Sundays during the football season. You may want to watch every single game but can only truly focus on one game at a time. Another issue NFL fans face pertains to where they reside. If they live in their favorite team’s television market, they’ll be able to watch every home game on cable television. If they don’t, they’ll either have to purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket via DirecTV, or go to a sports bar that does carry the NFL Sunday Ticket. Luckily, the National Football League has several products that allow fans to watch all games on Sundays but come at a price. NFL Game Pass is the league’s newest product, comes with a free trial for new customers, and allows fans to watch out of market NFL games after they’ve concluded.

What Is NFL Game Pass?

NFL Game Pass allows NFL fans to watch full games as well as condensed games without commercials and the unwanted downtime between plays. Fans can also watch every game from previous weeks if they wish to catch up on their favorite team’s performance leading up to the current week.

Additional NFL Game Pass features include

  • Coaches Film – Watch games using the "end zone" and "live-22" angles that NFL coaches and scouts use.
  • The ability to watch live preseason games as long as the game is outside of your television market. (Subject to blackouts). 
  • Player Search – Find game highlights of specific players or create custom playlists of players.
  • Live Hometown Audio – Listen to your local radio station’s broadcast of the game while the game is streaming on NFL Game Pass.
  • NFL RedZone Feature – Fans will be able to watch both NFL RedZone and NFL Game Pass simultaneously.
  • The ability to watch other NFL broadcasts on your desktop computer including the NFL Network, Hard Knocks, Undrafted, A Football Life, Sound FX, etc.
  • Immediate access to NFL Game Pass as soon as you subscribe.
  • Access to a library of NFL games dating back to the 2011 NFL season. Playoff games and Super Bowls are also included in your NFL Game Pass package.
  • Free trials that include all of the benefits that regular NFL Game Pass subscribers have.

Please refer to the YouTube video below for a demo of what the NFL Game Pass will look like on your device.


NFL Game Pass Pricing

There are currently two pricing options for NFL Game Pass. Fans can pay a one-time fee of $100 for an entire season. The second option is to pay four monthly installments of $29.99. To purchase NFL Game Pass, please visit


How To Watch NFL Game Pass

Fans will be required to download the NFL app before purchasing NFL Game Pass. Afterward, fans will be able to watch NFL Game Pass on their smart phone, IPad, Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV. On Sunday nights, games are not available until 8 PM. For Monday and Thursday night football games, NFL Game Pass is available as soon as that evening's game concludes.


Is NFL Game Pass Worth The Money?

For the casual NFL fan, NFL Game Pass would not be worth the money. You should be able to get your NFL fix via cable television each week. You won’t be out a ton of money if you do decide to splurge and end up not watching many games. The NFL Sunday Ticket still costs right at $300 annually so the NFL Game Pass is a much better alternative.

For NFL fans that are fanatical about the NFL or fantasy football in general, or for fans living outside of the United States, purchasing the NFL Game Pass is a no-brainer. In an age where everyone’s attention span is slowly decreasing, the NFL Game Pass is the perfect way to bypass all of the commercials and wasted time in between plays with the condensed option. The NFL Game Pass is also ideal for fans that frequently work on Sundays and often miss an entire day of games.



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