Photo of Derek Jeter.

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Laurence Leavy, a Miami Marlins season ticket holder since 1993, is not renewing his season tickets in 2018. Leavy, also known as “Marlins Man”, is the most famous Miami Marlins fan in the United States and possibly the most famous baseball fan in Major League Baseball. Last week, Leavy wrote a check for four Miami Marlins season tickets in the amount of $200,000. The check was to cover season tickets for the next three seasons and to his surprise, the Miami Marlins rejected the offer.

This news comes after an awkward town hall meeting between Miami Marlins season ticket holders and new team owner Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter allegedly asked that Leavy sign a ten-year season ticket agreement which he refused. All signs point to Leavy being frustrated that Jeter and the Marlins’ new ownership group raised ticket prices despite trading away the team’s best players. Jeter even offered Leavy the opportunity to throw out a first pitch at a Miami Marlins home game if he signed the ten-year agreement. Is this good publicity for a team that’s seemingly always in the rebuilding phase and already has a tiny season ticket base? Not at all. In fact, some sources say that Derek Jeter will be worse than Jeffrey Loria as an owner.

Laurence Leavy is known for wearing his bright orange Miami Marlins jersey to sporting events across the country, most often to other Major League Baseball stadiums. He can often be seen sitting directly behind home plate at games. Sometimes he can be spotted in different cities on consecutive weeknights.

According to Leavy, he’s been traveling all over the country to different sporting events for many years. It wasn’t until he began donning the orange Miami Marlins jersey to every game that the media began taking notice. Laurence Leavy is an attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is known for being very approachable and friendly to other fans at games.


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