Gillette Stadium Seating Chart, New England Patriots. 

Despite still being a relatively young stadium, Gillette Stadium has quickly become one of the most iconic stadiums in the National Football League. Since debuting at Gillette Stadium in 2002, the New England Patriots have won five Super Bowls (2003, 2004, 2014, 2016, and 2018). The construction of the adjacent mixed-use development ‘Patriot Place’ has only added to the exciting game day experience at Gillette Stadium. Our staff wanted to provide a thorough breakdown of the Gillette Stadium seating chart to help fans decide where to sit before purchasing their New England Patriots tickets.


Where To Sit At Gillette Stadium

Gillette Stadium is an easy stadium to navigate and has a very similar layout to other popular NFL stadiums. There are three seating levels; the 100 level (lower level), 200 level (club level), and the 300 level (upper level). We’ll begin by discussing the 100 level seats.


100 Level (Lower Level)

View from the 100 level seats at Gillette Stadium during a New England Patriots game.

The 100 level seats at Gillette Stadium consists of sections 101 through 143 and will have between 36 and 38 rows of seats. Row 1 is the first row in all 100 level sections. Row 38 will be the last row in most 100 level sections.

The New England Patriots bench/sideline is located in front of sections 109 and 100. The visiting team’s sideline is located in front of sections 131 and 132. The New England Patriots tunnel is located in between sections 101 and 143. The visiting team’s tunnel at Gillette Stadium is located adjacent to section 115. Gillette Stadium's iconic lighthouse and bridge are located behind section 143 and are excellent photo opportunities for visiting NFL fans.



200 Level (Club Level)

View from the 200 level seats at Gillette Stadium during a New England Patriots game.

The 200 level seats at Gillette Stadium consists of sections 201-205, 214-218, 223-227, and 236-240. The 200 level sections are located on the outer edges of the second level. The Putnam Club seats (see below) are the center-most sections on the 200 level. There are between 25 and 27 rows in each section on the 200 level and each section begins with row 1.


The 200 level seats will provide football fans with a similar view as the fans seated in the Putnam Club seats but without the amenities.



Putnam Club (Club Level)

View from the Putnam Club seats at Gillette Stadium during a New England Patriots game.

The Putnam Club seats are the most expensive seats at Gillette Stadium and consists of sections C7 through C12 (East Club) and C29 through C34 (West Club). Most Putnam Club sections will have 23 rows of seats; the rows are numbered 1 through 23. Some Putnam Club sections have only 21 rows of seats. The Putnam Club stretches from end zone to end zone and aside from the suites are the most expensive premium seating option at Gillette Stadium.

The perks for the Putnam Club include the following.

  • Padded leather seats
  • The best views of the field in the entire stadium
  • Access to the climate-controlled Putnam Club
  • Ticket holders have access to the Putnam Club three hours before kickoff
  • Floor to ceiling glass walls
  • HD televisions and video walls in the lounge area
  • Premium food and beverage offerings
  • Fireplace settings
  • Post game visits by a New England Patriots player or coach
  • Shorter wait at concessions and restrooms

Interior view of the Putnam Club at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

The Putnam Club is 120,000 square feet which allows for excellent traffic flow of fans.




300 Level (Upper Level)

View from the 300 level seats at Gillette Stadium before a New England Patriots game.

The 300 level seats are the most affordable seats at Gillette Stadium. The rows for the 300 level are numbered 1 through 26. The most desirable 300 level seats are rows 1 through 7 which are the lower portion of each section and requires fans to climb very few steps.

The 300 level is accessible via the three ramps on the main level of Gillette Stadium. 



Luxury Suites

Interior photo of a suite at Gillette Stadium during a New England Patriots game.

There are 89 luxury suites at Gillette Stadium. The perks for the luxury suites at Gillette Stadium include the following.

  • Between 800 and 2,700 square feet of event space
  • VIP parking
  • Exclusive VIP entrance into Gillette Stadium
  • Access to your suite 365 days per year
  • Ability to visit the field after the game concludes
  • Flat-screen HD televisions
  • Fully furnished kitchens with granite countertops
  • Retractable glass windows
  • Padded leather seats
  • Personal suite attendant
  • Private restrooms
  • Private bars

To learn more about purchasing a suite at Gillette Stadium, please visit



Optum Field Lounge

Interior photo of the Optum Club Lounge at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots.

The Optum Field Lounge is located in the South end zone of Gillette Stadium and is a private 10,000 square foot area. The perks for the Optum Field Lounge include the following.

  • Access to a field level terrace
  • Flat-screen HD televisions
  • Large video wall for viewing
  • Premium bar and food offerings
  • Access to the climate-controlled Optum Club Lounge
  • Shorter wait at concessions and restrooms

Fans wishing to see a New England Patriots home game at Gillette Stadium are required to spend good money to do so. The New England Patriots operate on a dynamic ticket pricing model meaning ticket prices will vary depending on the opponent. The team's average ticket price exceeds $130 (2018) making it the second most expensive ticket in the National Football League behind the Chicago Bears. There are no New England Patriots season tickets available for sale; fans are welcome to join the lengthy season ticket waitlist of more than 50,000 people. As a result, the New England Patriots do not offer a seat upgrade option if they’re unhappy with their seats. Many other NFL stadiums offer some sort of seat upgrade option.


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