Fenway Park Seating Chart, Home of the Boston Red Sox.

Where To Sit At Fenway Park

Fenway Park is an old time ballpark and it still maintains that ambiance. Built in 1912, Fenway is now the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball. An old era design brings a ton of obstructed views of the field, seats located at weird angles and a ton of quirky history (the lone red seat, Pesky Pole, Green Monster, etc.) We wanted to breakdown the Fenway Park seating chart in a way that would help fans become a little more familiar with the layout. We'll first start with the bleachers in the outfield.



The Bleachers

Aerial Shot of the Bleachers at Fenway Park

The outfield bleachers at Fenway Park consists of sections 34-43 and they’re the most affordable seats in the ballpark. They’re a little far from the infield but offer excellent up close views of both the outfield and Red Sox and visiting team’s bullpen. Want to know the weird thing about the bleachers at Fenway Park? They’re technically not bleachers. They’re individual seats just like the rest of the ballpark.

View from the bleachers at Fenway Park

Typically the term “bleachers” refers to metal benches with no backs to them (Yankee Stadium, Petco Park, Wrigley Field). The typical bleacher ticket can be found for $20-$70 depending on the game. For games vs. the New York Yankees, those prices could reach $100+ but so could every other seat in the ballpark.






Right Field Box

 View from the Right Field Boxes at Fenway Park

The typical right field box ticket can be purchased for $50-$75 at face value. These sections are numbered in sequence in kind of an odd matter but then again, there’s nothing about Fenway Park that’s “normal”. The right field boxes consists of sections 1-8 (closest to the playing field) and 87-97. If you watch Boston Red Sox games on TV, these are the seats next to the Pesky Pole (the right field foul pole). These are excellent seats to catch foul balls and are free of obstructions. The one downside is what you’ll have to pay to sit here. These seats often sale for three times their face value which is $35-$75 per ticket depending on the opponent.






Right Field Roof Box 

View from the Right Field Roof Box at Fenway Park

The right field roof box seats sit on Fenway Park’s top level on the right field side. They’re right next to the Budweiser right field roof deck and offer one of the best panoramic views of Fenway Park. All of the seats have their own tables for fans to eat at as well as a huge bar and standing room only area at the top. Face value for these seats will run from $35-$75 depending on the opponent.






State Street Pavilion Club

View from the State Street Pavilion Club at Fenway Park

The State Street Pavilion Club seats are small private sections that are numbered 1-14 and are located above the Fenway Park suites. They extend from left field to right field as well as behind home plate. Each section will come with their own waiter to bring your food and beverages to you. The area will also have bar top seating, access to the club lounge area, cup holders, etc. One thing you will notice about these seats is how much legroom they have. Face value for the regular Pavilion Club seats come at a flat rate of $190 per seat. Face value for the Pavilion Club seats behind home plate come at a flat rate of $228 per seat. All Pavilion Club seats are only sold as season tickets but can sometimes be found on websites like Stubhub.







State Street Pavilion Box

View from the State Street Pavilion Box at Fenway Park

The State Street Pavilion Box seats are the uppermost seats at Fenway Park and are located down the left and right field foul lines. Face value for the State Street pavilion box seats ranges from $63-$117 depending on the opponent. The view from these seats is the exact same view that you will get from the State Street Pavilion Club seats, only higher up. There are no real special amenities that come with these seats aside from access to the pavilion level concourse where you’ll have shorter waits for restrooms and food/beer.





EMC Club 

View from the EMC Club at Fenway Park

The EMC Club seats are the navy blue colored seats on Fenway Park’s suite level. You’ll get complete protection from the sun and rain with plenty of small TVs at your fingertips. These are very small sections with only a few rows of seats. There are six EMC Club sections numbered 1 through 6. These tickets are not offered for sale on the regular ticket market; one can inquire about EMC Club tickets by calling the Red Sox ticket office at 888-362-2521. The EMC Club shares a concourse with the Red Sox fans that are in the adjacent private suites. If you sit here, you’ll have access to the EMC Club restaurant but will need reservations on game day. The concierge at the EMC Club entrance will unfortunately be judging your dress code – business casual attire is recommended for the EMC Club. Keep in mind that there are a few obstructions in sections 1 and 6 due to the exterior of the suites sticking out.







View from the Grandstand Area at Fenway Park

The grandstand seats at Fenway Park are what gives the ballpark such a bad name in regards to its many seats with obstructed views. Rest assured though when purchasing your tickets, they will clearly be marked as an obstructed view ticket so there will be no surprises. The grandstand is the largest seating area at Fenway Park and consists of sections 1-33. The closer you sit to section 20 on the grandstand level, the closer you’ll be to home plate. The closer you sit to section 33, the better of a view you’ll have of the Green Monster in left field. Avoid sections 1-3 in deep right field because you’ll be able to purchase better seats for cheaper by purchasing bleacher tickets. Nearly all of the grandstand seats will be covered from the pavilion level, so you’ll be protected from the sun and rain if you have grandstand tickets. Just make sure you steer clear of the obstructed view seats!





Green Monster Seats

View from the Green Monster Seats at Fenway Park


Photo of the Green Monster Seats at Fenway Park

The Green Monster seats are the most popular seats at Fenway Park and possibly the most popular seats in Major League Baseball aside from Wrigley Field’s bleachers. They consist of sections M1-M10 and have only three rows of seats. Each seat will have bar top seating for your food and drinks; a very convenient feature. Each Green Monster section will also have its own standing room only area but you will have to hold your drinks and food. The standing room only area costs $30-$45 per ticket at face value. The regular Green Monster seats will range from $120-$240 per ticket depending on the row and opponent. The demand for these seats is always super high due to their popularity and limited supply. This area does see a decent amount of home run balls hit into it but a good number also fly over into the standing room only area and onto Lansdowne Street.






Standing Room Only

View from the Standing Room Only Area at Fenway Park

There are a number of standing room only areas at Fenway Park. The majority of those sold are for the grandstand level which encircles the main level concourse. The pavilion standing room only areas are along the upper right and left field foul line areas. This particular area is further from the field but is a much more comfortable area to stand in. The Coca-Cola deck is also considered part of the pavilion standing room only area. The Green Monster has its own standing room only area which we just discussed above. You’ll have an excellent view of the neighborhood surrounding Fenway Park but won’t be able to see the deepest parts of the outfield or the balls bouncing off of the Green Monster. The other areas are all in upper right field on the Budweiser roof deck, terrace and roof box area. You’ll be far from home plate but these areas offer excellent panoramas of the entire ballpark.







 View from the Pavilion Reserved Seats at Fenway Park

The Pavilion Reserved seating area only consists of three sections; 16, 18 and 20. These seats sit perched in upper left field for a neat perspective of the Green Monster below. There are no obstructions and you’ll receive a similar view as the State Street pavilion boxes and club seats (just a little further from home plate). The rows are lettered A through J so there are only 9 rows of seats. Face value for these seats will range from $57-$93 per ticket.






Loge Box

View from the Loge Box Seats at Fenway Park

The loge box seating area consists of sections 98-165. This is the area nudged between the field box seats and the grandstand seats. All of the rows are double lettered; AA, BB, etc. All of the loge seats offer excellent views of the field and are all free of obstructions. Loge box seats will vary in price from $65-$140 per ticket depending on the opponent.






Field Box

View from the Field Box Seats at Fenway Park

The field box seating area are the seats closest to the playing field and consists of sections 9-82. The number of rows varies from section to section. With virtually no foul ball territory, the field box seats down the third and first baselines are extremely close to the field compared to similar seats in other MLB ballparks. Face value per ticket will range from $100-$170 depending on the opponent. The right field boxes down the right field line (near the Pesky Pole) are a much cheaper alternative.






 Dugout Box

 View from the Dugout Box Seats at Fenway Park

The dugout boxes at Fenway Park offer a very unique seating experience for Boston Red Sox fans. These seats are directly behind home plate and consists of the first three rows of sections 12-80. The first row of dugout box seats will have TVs in the wall near your knees. Each section will have a wait staff to take care of your food and beverage needs. Food and beverages are not included in the ticket price. Fans, however, have access to the Absolut Clubhouse and private restrooms. Dugout boxes have not always been a premium seating area at Fenway Park; they were formerly just regular field box seats. But designating these premium seats allows for more revenue to be made for the organization. These seats aren’t typically sold on the secondary ticket market. Fans that wish to inquire about them can do so by calling the Boston Red Sox ticket office at 617-226-6311.






Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck

View from the Budweiser Roof Deck at Fenway Park

The Budweiser right field roof deck is part standing room only and part seating/dining area. The roof deck has 202 seats with a small table for every four chairs; perfect for an outing if you know another couple that are Boston Red Sox fans. All of the tables are shaped like home plate and the chairs have baseball emblems on the seat. All of these sections will be serviced by waiters. The tickets with tables will range from $95-$155 per ticket depending on the opponent. Fans also have the opportunity to purchase the Bud Deck barstools which sit in the very back of the area for $57-$93 per ticket depending on the opponent. There is also a full service bar made available to fans.


We hope you're now a little more familiar with the Fenway Park Seating Chart. If you've never been to Fenway Park, it's one of those ballparks that you just can't skip visiting. The place is timeless. Just make sure you see a few other ballparks in person first to build up the Fenway Park experience. Because after one game there, no where else will be able to measure up.