#1 Cody J 2012-08-12 02:45
I have been to more Islanders games than I could count and to the other NHL arenas in the New York city area as well. These are the best seats I've had. The 200s at the Nassau are actually still on the first level, they just sit a little further back. The section itself was small but there still wasn't much room for your legs and if another fan wants to get out of their seat, you will have to stand up to let them out. It's a small arena but the view of the game is what counts and it doesn't get much better than 203. There is no adjusting your body, you can see just about every play as it takes place right in front of you. You're not "too close" to the glass either. Any row you choose in 203 will do; row M is typically the last row in the lower level sections.

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