Seat view from section 242 at Fedex Field, home of the Washington Redskins


#1 Hunter 2014-01-04 08:24
We went to the December 2012 Monday night game against the NY giants and had a great time. We were in row 8 which has garbage seats. Hated sitting underneath the ceiling of the overhang where the bright field lights don't shine down on you. Felt very dark and cavernous. The rows behind us were known as seats with obstructions. I pitied the fans that ended up with those seats and paid all of that money. Why not just take these seats out of the equation?
In theory, section 242 is excellent if your seats are in rows 1-4. The entire section sits just to the right of the 50, so the ball will never seem too far away from where you're sitting. Among the 200 level sections, this one is likely the most expensive to sit in.
One major advantage we had here though was the ability to go to grab a beer at the food stands during a review or timeout and be back at our seats before play had resumed. No fan should ever miss any part of the game over food or bathroom breaks. At halftime though, the area behind these seats is an absolute madhouse, though, cramped with fans. If you enter the stadium through the Comcast Gate, also known as Gate H, you'll be able to get in and out of the stadium very quickly.

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