Seat view from club section 2 at Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles


#2 David W. 2013-11-24 03:35
Some of the best club seats available if you go by view alone. Was on the same side of the field as the Eagles sideline too. Seats are the most comfortable you'll come by at the Linc.
#1 Louie 2012-08-30 06:51
Sat in row 10 for an Eagles-Dallas Cowboys game back in January of 2011. Section 2 and it's surrounding sections are located in what's called the 'Chrysler' club. Just a fancy sponsorship name that means nothing. Row 6 is actually the very first row in this section so shoot for those seats if you are shopping online for Eagles tickets. The seats are as comfortable as you could have for three hours at a football game. You have access to a lounge that will get you out of the elements for a few minutes during halftime or a stoppage of play. We all know how brutal Philadelphia winters can be.

I would liken these seats to first class seating on an airline. You can pay all kinds of extra money for exclusiveness and extra amenities and your own bathroom but do you need all of that to enjoy the game? I would say no and in fact, you probably won't find your true Eagles fans in these sections. You will find affluent Eagles fans that can afford to drop $300 per ticket.

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