Seat view from section 301 at Metlife Stadium, home of the New York Jets



#1 Bruce Bruce 2013-12-14 07:51
Sat here for the Saints game a few weeks ago. Really the only seats I could afford and they weren't bad, couldn't complain. 301 put us directly behind the uprights though which will discourage some of you but they didn't really intrude on our view in any way. There are more than 20 rows in this section so you should stick with seats as close to the bottom as possible. The price for seats in row 2 compared to row 1 will vary greatly.
The Jets ended up winning, giving them a winning record at the time and the crowd was nuts that day. Tons of drunk idiots were seated near us. Definitely not the best section for families but it made the experience even better seeing the passion that Jets fans display for their team. Giants fans are thought of as being older and more mature, maybe even more affluent but fans are fans. Would be happy to sit here for a Giants game too because football is football.

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