#2 Jamison 2013-11-26 07:04
Sat here for the Dolphins vs. Ravens game in October. The Dolphins lost by a field goal but I still enjoyed being there to soak it all in. The Dolphins fans are hit or miss. They're either dead asleep or really rowdy with no in between. That's my opinion from the five or so games I've been to at Sun Life.
My family and I were in row 6, seats 3 through 5 for this game. Our row was the 2nd row if you exclude the three or four rows that sit to themselves down in front. Nothing special about them. In fact, sitting in the far corner of the stadium will keep you out of the loop of the game unless you pay close attention to each and every down. Still, you should have no troubles seeing the field but binoculars will definitely help improve the viewing experience along with the two jumbo screens (one in both the East and West endzones).
Kudos to the Dolphins organization for erecting statues of Marino, Shula and Joe Robbie on the grounds. Be sure to have your photo taken outside of all 3.
#1 John M 2013-09-19 00:59
To give you an idea what the view of the field is like from section 407, here is a Youtube video shot from there during a Dolphins/Detroit Lions game at Sun Life Stadium.

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