Seat view from section 106 at Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Knicks.


#1 Miggy 2013-01-15 20:27
These seats were uncomfortable with practically no leg room and the experience just wasn't what I was expecting. The crowd seemed out of it, of course the Knicks were getting killed by the Milwaukee Bucks. We were behind the Bucks sideline, close enough to hear what the coach was shouting at his players. There was a courtside set of seats in front of our section so even with seats in row 1, you won't be courtside. Bummer.

In all honesty, Madison Square Garden had a really nice interior, but if you're just going to a Knicks or Rangers game out of curiosity to see what the fuss is about, don't expect there to be a ton to do immediately outside of the arena. You'll have to walk to Times Square for that. The concessions don't offer a ton of variety for an arena so famous. 'The Garden' is just another NBA arena but has so much more history than the others that are still standing. The only former arena that could compete was the old Boston Garden and the Great Western Forum.

The fan traffic doesn't have any decent flow in the concourses, especially once you reach the escalators (in each corner of the arena at the towers).

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