Seat view from section 258 at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals


#1 Adam Brooks 2013-07-20 06:57
This is a private area of the ballpark but section 258 is excellent for any Cards game you may have in mind. It was part of the bank of america club where they serve free beer and wine to ticket holders as well as a free buffet. The buffet wasn't anything extensive; brats, hot dogs, nachos, cookies but the alcohol is what really entices people to buy these tickets. They're sold as individual game tickets so all of the regular joes like myself can buy seats in the Bank of America club, so scalpers can't buy these as season tickets as they would probably often get stuck with them. Think of the Bank of America seats as an upscale All You Can Eat section of the ballpark. Some ballparks have those areas in regular seats, Rangers Ballpark is the first that comes to mind. Minute Maid Park too.

There was plenty of space between each seat so I wasn't cuddled up with strangers. They should add another perk like a free game program or something, just a thought. There are two other sections that make up this area so you won't be limited to only section 258.

I've sat pretty much everywhere else in the ballpark and have yet to have a bad choice of seating. Busch doesn't feel as big as they say it is but then again, you're talking to someone who's seen their share of games in Dodger Stadium, the largest ballpark.

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