Seat view from section 220 at Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers


#1 Isaiah 2013-06-17 03:54
I've sat all over Miller Park over the years. The difference is day and night between it and the County Stadium that stood next door. The Brewers were playing Pittsburgh when I sat here in section 220, this was last season. It's definitely not the spot that you sit in the first inning before moving to another seat. Fans sit here and they stay here the entire game. You will still be watching most of the game behind the protective netting since 220 is behind home plate but you don't notice it too much.

One thing you will definitely notice sitting anywhere behind home plate though, is how far the backstop is from the catcher. It's at least 70 feet, give or take a few feet so these seats don't feel as "close" to the field as what you're probably expecting.
These ARE NOT club seats, no special amenities, no waiters, no private restrooms, just a great panoramic of the playing field.

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