Seat view from section 528 at Angel Stadium of Anaheim, home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


#1 LQ 2013-08-06 01:57
I used to be a season ticket holder with seats in section 528, row H. I didn't go to every single game, I often had to get rid of them on nights that work wouldn't allow me to go but it was never a problem. I've seen a lot of good games from up there, that's for sure.
Those seats get a bad rap because they're on the top deck but they're not nearly as bad as what many fans anticipate. It is what it is.
The grass from these seats is beautiful and you can appreciate how well kept it is when you see it from that height.
Don't expect an excessive amount of legroom from your seats in 528 or any other view level seat for that matter. It can be uncomfortable for any fan over 6'2. On some nights, this section was a ghost town that was half empty and scattered with Angels fans. On other nights, it was seemingly one of the loudest sections in the ballpark. The atmosphere is hit or miss.
528 has a great location right above first base. I wouldn't recommend any of the outfield view level sections, as long as you can see the infield well, then you have a good seat no matter where you are in the stadium.
The main plaza near the home plate gate features 2 larges Angels helmets overlooking large photos of current Angels players and is a great meeting place to enter the ballpark. Well, it is the main entrance. Some fans have criticized the rock and water structure in left center field called the California Spectacular. I think it adds a distinctive touch to Angel Stadium that no other ballpark has.

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