Seat view from bleacher section BL 34 at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox


#3 Jane 2013-04-14 01:16
This section is only open for night games. They like for the batter's to be able to see the ball well upon it's delivery and it's hard to do when the sun is out. It's one of the deepest parts of the ballpark so don't anticipate catching a home run ball in this section.
#2 John M 2013-04-10 02:49
To give you an idea what the view of the field is like from Bleacher section 34, here is a Youtube video shot from row 9, seats 5 and 6 during a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.
#1 Kenny J 2011-11-05 06:56
This section is in the batter's eye view. Small section in the bleachers, only 12 rows. It unfortunately, is not open for every game. Don't know what the criteria is for keeping it open.

The bleachers at this ballpark are legendary. It's where the true Red Sox fans sit. Tickets are not cheap but among the most affordable in the ballpark. Usually the $70 or $80 range.

A major con of sitting in the bleachers is you cannot see the ball smack off of the green monster which is really cool.
It's ok, I've sat all over this stadium and call me a bleacher bum but this is where true Red Sox fans watch their team.

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