#1 Frank S 2012-08-07 07:59
How can you go wrong with seats that sit exactly mid ice and are between both blue lines. You can't. 220 is heaven for the hockey fan that just wants a good view of the game so they can see all of the plays form before they happen; something you don't really get on the first levels of any NHL arena. The rows in 220 consist of rows A-N. Row A is obviously the most desirable but it's going to be hard to get tickets for that row because it's so small.

Most importantly, the upper levels at this arena are extremely small and fan friendly. Sure, you'll find the "true" fans up here but they know how to have fun and keep the game family friendly.

If I were going to purchase Penguins season tickets, 220 is where I would purchase them. The view of the ice cannot be beaten.

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