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Where To Sit At Fedex Field

The Washington Redskins organization wants a new stadium. Activists want the Washington Redskins to get a new nickname and mascot. No matter what the future holds for this team, Fedex Field is still the 3rd largest stadium in the NFL, has four seating levels and has a ton of obstructed view seats. We're going to break down the Fedex Field seating chart so that you've got a better idea about which Washington Redskins tickets to purchase before visiting Fedex Field. We'll first start with the coveted Dream Seats that encircle the playing field. 


Fedex Field Seating Chart.


Dream Seats

View of the field from the Dream Seats at Fedex Field.

The Dream Seats are the epitome of a VIP experience at Fedex Field. It really doesn’t get much better. Aside from practically being on the field, fans with Dream Seat tickets will receive complimentary food and non-alcoholic drinks via a waitstaff. You will also receive large leather padded seats, access to the club lounge with premium concessions and bars, private restrooms, discounted parking for the Purple lot, discounts at the Redskins pro shop and access to the 5th Quarter Party after the game.

The 5th Quarter Party is a two hour party after the game on the Stubhub Club level in the EA Players Sports Lounge. It features live music, drinks, food and visits from the Redskins cheerleaders. If you so choose, you'll also have access to the Hooter's Restaurant on the Stubhub Club Level. This is especially important since there aren't many restaurants near Fedex Field to dine at before and after the game. The Dream Seats consists of sections 1-42 and only has two rows. Face value for the Dream Seats is uncertain since the Washington Redskins organization wants you to inquire about these seats from within. However, on websites like Stubhub and Ticket Monster, the Dream Seats will range from $180-$500 depending on the section and opponent.





Club Level

View from the Club Seats at Fedex Field

Seats on the Stubhub Club level will give fans almost as good of an experience as the Dream Seats down next to the field. The club level consists of sections 301-342 and most sections have 19 rows of seats. There are some padded seats available for purchase but only in select areas. The food and drinks aren’t included in the ticket price. However, fans do receive access to the club lounge and all of its amenities as well as access to the EA Players Sports Lounge, Hooters Restaurant and the 5th Quarter Party after the game. The view of the field is excellent from the club level, Fedex Field’s 2nd level.

Most sections on the club level will have 19 rows of seats. The best feature will be the staff on the club level who go above and beyond their call of duty to ensure you have a great game day experience. It’s important to note that that the club level is priced into four zones; A, B, C and D. Sections 308-314, 329-335 will offer a Standing Room Only area behind the club seats and those tickets are available for purchase for most home games. For most Redskins games, the average club ticket will cost in excess of $150 and even reach the $300 per ticket range for premium games. 




Lower Level

View of the field from the Lower Level at Fedex Field.

The lower level seats at Fedex Field are pretty standard to what you will find in most NFL stadiums. This area consists of sections 101-142 and most sections have 28 rows of seats. Please keep in mind that row 1 in any of these sections will actually be the 3rd row; two rows of Dream Seats sit at the foot of all lower level sections. There are no obstructions in the lower level seats. The fans are excellent but only if you’re a Redskins fan. They can be pretty brutal and unwelcoming to other team’s fans but you could experience that in any NFL stadium you visit. The Redskins sideline is in front of sections 101/142. The visitors sideline is in front of sections 121/122. There will almost always be an usher at the bottom of the lower level sections checking tickets and making sure no one sneaks into the Dream Seats that doesn’t have a ticket for those rows.





Terrace Seats

View of the field from the Terrace Seats at Fedex Field



Obstructed View Terrace Seats at Fedex Field

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Sections 201-242 at Fedex Field are known as “The Terrace”. The Terrace is where most of the obstructed view seats at Fedex Field can be found and for the most part, the terrace should be avoided at all costs. Even an upper level seat will offer Redskins fans a better view of the field and in game experience. Most of the obstructed or “partial view seats” are all past row 13 in all 200 level sections. Most terrace sections will have a whopping 23 rows of seats. Large support pillars will stand in your view of the field in these sections. The low roof will also keep you from seeing the stadium’s large replay boards. You also won’t be able to see any of the punts or long passes down on the field. And the rows of seats don’t have much elevation or incline meaning if someone tall sits in the seat in front of you, you won’t be able to see anything, period! Any seat past row 3, however, will protect you from the elements and sun. The ironic thing in all of this is that rain will trickle down from the club level to rows 3-6. Prepare to get wet if there is rain and your seats are in those rows. It’s a tragedy that the Redskins organization would try to squeeze money out of fans while sacrificing their comfort and view of the field. (The Indianapolis Colts and Lucas Oil Stadium are in the same boat.) 





Loge Seats

View from the Loge Seats at Fedex Field

View of the Loge Seats at Fedex Field

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Fedex Field’s loge seats offers Redskins fans the opportunity to experience the perks of a suite but at a much discounted price. The loge seats extend from one corner of each end zone to the other. Face value for a season ticket in the loge area was last rumored to be in the $6K range for 8 home games and 2 preseason games. All of the seats are comfortable individual seats, the food and drinks are complimentary via a buffet and there are outdoor TVs throughout the area for fans to refer to. The first two rows in each loge section will have table tops for fans to eat and drink at. Redskins fans will also benefit from private restrooms, entrances and concessions as well as having access to the club level/lounges and all of their perks. The loge area is also covered so you will protected from rain, sun and other elements. The view of the field from these seats is less than great. You decide if they’re worth the $6K investment for a season. I guarantee you will have a hard time making your money back if you sold your loge tickets on Stubhub.






Standing Room Only

 View from the Standing Room Only Area at Fedex Field


Standing Room Only is available for sections 308-314, 329-335, 410-418, 437-445 (both end zones). Ticket prices will vary.





Upper Level

View from the Upper Level at Fedex Field

Fedex Field’s upper deck is an excellent opportunity for Washington Redskins fans to see an NFL game without spending much money; even for games vs. NFC East rivals. As stated earlier, the upper level is a much better alternative than the Terrace seats on the first level. Most upper level sections will have 29 rows of seats. For your legs sake, you definitely want to purchase tickets as close to row 1 as possible. Keep in mind that the price differential for row 2 and above will be significantly less, though. The upper level tickets closest to the 50 yard line are superb and should be sought after first and foremost. You could definitely say the upper level is where the “True Redskins Fans” sit.


Anyone interested in becoming a Washington Redskins season ticket holder can do so by visiting the Redskins website here




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